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This is a non-corrosive, environmentally friendly method of cleaning bricks/stone surfaces, without cause of discoloration or damage. This wash solution allows dirt and pollution to be removed from the surface through a biodegradable chemical breakdown process. The wash solution is applied and left on for a few minutes before being removed by our pressure washing unit(s). Assure staff will apply a second coat of the wash solution in the event of any dirt deposit that had not been removed during the first wash. Assure staff will hand scrub when required, or safe to do so. Assure’s staff will work hard to make you happy the first time. Since; Assure Property Solutions Inc has limitations or limited access to the chemicals we can provide our residential and commercial customers. Assure hopes that our customers can appreciate that, not all stains can be removed. That is why they are called stains.

Assure Property Solutions Inc uses a variety of organic and purchased chemicals/cleaners in our pre-spray and pressure washing procedures. Assure can offer our clients industrial strength to 100% Environmentally friendly chemical applications. In many of our processes, Assure’s pressure washer(s) will be mixing and using water with a cleaning product at the same time. Our variety of applications require that Assure have a wide variety of heads/nozzles, which allows us the ability to choose the correct nozzle for the application required. Allowing us to provide our clients with a clean finish.
Assure Property Solutions professional technicians provide Pressure Washing and Blower Services to both Residential and Commercial customers throughout the Interior and Okanagan Valleys. Assure's polite and courteous staff is there to provide the service(s) you are unable to do yourself (for whatever reasons) or do not simply have the time or equiptment to do it on your own.

Assure Property Solutions hassle free quoting service allows you the time to provide us with what it is you want done, “the job description and parameters” and Assure will take care of the rest. We will provide you with a FREE QUOTE. Assure’s quoting system is easy to read and understand. Assure provides our clients with service that meets their needs the first time. Assure Property Solutions Inc. has an open-door policy regarding constructive criticism.

The ways in which Assure Property Solutions Inc. has served our customers in regards to pressure washing and blower cleaning service is vast. We suggest our clients “Bring us a problem and we will clean it”. Here are just a few ways our clients have utilized our pressure washing and blower Services:

  • Side walk & Driveway cleaning
  • Underground parking Lot(s)              
  • Deck & Spindle cleaning
  • Pool, Pool Deck & Retaining wall Cleaning
  • Exterior Residential & Commercial Building Cleaning
  • Dock Cleaning & Restoration
  • Pre-paint surface cleaning & prep.
  • Brick Work Cleaning
  • Roof Cleaning
  • Houseboat/Yacht exterior cleaning
  • Tractor Trailer and C-can Cleaning
  • And the list is endless


When Assure Property Solutions technicians/staff are cleaning your aluminum or vinyl siding a water pressure between 100-3000psi is used in the cleaning process. This allows a variation in pressure, therefore allowing, a lack of blow-off and or damages to your property. In order to breakdown dirt and speed up the process of cleaning, soda/detergent/soap is applied. The siding is then scrubbed with a brush or brushes. In the case of stubborn spots and/or stains, a chemical cleaner or brightening agent may be applied. Assure hopes that our customers can appreciate that, not all stains can be removed. That is why they are called stains. Assure’s final step is to thoroughly rinse the area with just water to ensure all chemicals/soaps have been rinsed from the washed areas.


This is a cement compound with a rough, porous finish that absorbs water as well as traps dirt and other elements. This in turn leads, to staining and discoloration.

To clean your stucco, mild soap that does not contain any aggressive detergent is sprayed onto the stucco or pre-cast wall in order to loosen the dirt build up, prior to being rinsed with a 3000psi hot water pressure washer. The same method is used in the removal of all types of pollution, mildew and fungus. We suggest an annual cleaning of your stucco, in order to flush and remove any dirt that may be trapped between crevices. This will ensure the proper maintenance of your home's exterior.

Stucco can’t clean itself, for this reason you need to do an annual cleaning to maintain its color and beauty. With the many color of stucco shown in the pictures, the colors cannot stay clean without yearly washing due to the pollution caused by acid rain and exhaust from motor vehicles.
Assure cleans the following surfaces:

  • Vinyl
  • Brick
  • Concrete
  • Wood,
  • and a variety of metals.

Assure can as well deal with your sensitive cleaning concerns like:

  • Cedar
  • Stone pavers
  • Aggregate

If you have any questions do not hesitate to call Assure for further clarification.

Assure Property Solutions Inc. uses residential and commercial grade pressure washers and blowers which allows Assures technicians a variety of PSI (pounds per square inch) power. Assure’s choice of surface cleaners (pressure washing ONLY) have been proven to provide the most effective cleaning results.

Assure Property Solutions Inc. is continuously learning on how to provide our clients with the most effective and environmentally friendly products/chemicals available to us. Assure's pressure washing units and surface cleaners work hard to remove mould, mildew, dirt and discoloration.

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